In-Home Parent Training


Community Based Support Services

Bridging Lives' In-Home/Parent Training goal is to provide parents and families with the necessary skills and techniques to assist their child with the on-going development and maintenance of skills and behaviors. Through a variety of training opportunities, parents will receive information, strategies, techniques, and skills pertinent to the needs of their child.

In-Home Parent Training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Modeling instructional techniques in various environments including home and community

  • Creating and implementing behavior management systems

  • Recommending ways to alter the environment to promote effective functioning

  • Creating and implementing structured routines

  • Utilizing peers/family members to facilitate small group participation

  • Direct intervention with the child

Our In-Home/parent training and family support services can enhance family functionality, family development and family growth as a unit.

Support Services Include:

  • Management of Leisure time

    • working with the student to develop skills that enable the child to entertain him or herself appropriately without adult supervision.

  • Socialization Training

    • working with the family to help the child develop appropriate skills and behavior in public.

  • Individual Support

    • preparing the child to be healthy and productive by developing self-seteem.

  • Family Support

    • working with the family to develop a functional family unit.

  • Family Dynamics Training

    • providing training for the family to determine family values, goals and expectations (more intensive than family support).

  • Generalization Training

    • training the child and family to use a behavior management plan outside the structured, educational environment. This training may include modeling parenting skills.

  • Peer Support Group

    • working with a group of students to develop appropriate interaction skills.

  • Respite Care

    • providing relief to parents and family with intermittent, short-term care (e.g., weekends, during school holidays, etc.) see respite services for more information.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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